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  1. cj_brandt

    Production Issue: Wrong AI Extent Creation Date

    This is a very good suggestion.
  2. cj_brandt

    Legacy NxTrend

    With a 4GL dev license you should be able to use the data dictionary to dump the tables to files or write 4GL code to export the tables to CSV files and then load into MS SQL server. There are multiple examples on 4GL code to export to csv files.
  3. cj_brandt

    Legacy NxTrend

    Use the showconfig utility to show what products are licensed. There are a few ways to dump the data depending on what products are available.
  4. cj_brandt

    how to increase message buffer size?

    Client and Server must use same -Mm parameter. 8192 is commonly used. Startup parameters are often listed in a pf file.
  5. cj_brandt

    Resolved Lock on the run ep 2

    Generate a protrace file on the user holding the lock and you will see what code is being executed. Our lock monitor would generate a protrace file on a user holding a lock when there was another user Q'd waiting. In Linux the protrace file goes to the Current Working Directory and has the PID...
  6. cj_brandt

    OEM Fathom error

    seems like when reverting back to OEM 10 something is still pointing at OE 11. "Invalid Progress version string" Suggest turning the logging up and see what additional information is produced from running proadsv
  7. cj_brandt

    Error Webspeed slow very urgent!

    Mike - I have missed your posts ! They are too good to be true.
  8. cj_brandt

    Limitations of the evaluation copy

    recommend taking a look at Exporting Progress Data to SQL Server or Progress KB - How to dump and load SQL-92 schema and data?
  9. cj_brandt

    What is the fastest way to move a very large table to a new area.

    If paid by the hour, I would use the data dictionary.
  10. cj_brandt

    dump and load multiple tables

    The progress kb has an article showing the 4gl required to create a binary dump script. You can change it up to create a dump script for each area of the database.
  11. cj_brandt

    Promon Backup error

    Uggg. Even if you are stuck on Progress 9, run a dump and load to move from a 1kb block size to 4 or 8kb. Next step would be to look at the structure file and see if everything is in the schema area...
  12. cj_brandt

    Answered Work with VST Tables

    quickly read through your previous post, guessing there is an issue with Q'd record locks. There are a few posts on ProgressTalk that talk about scanning the _Lock table to find the connection holding a lock that has other connections Q'd behind it. There should be a few warnings sprinkled in...
  13. cj_brandt

    Answered Truncating before image file, do i need to backup the database first?

    There are noticeable performance boosts in 10.2B with SP03 and SP07, so getting to SP08 will be worth the effort.
  14. cj_brandt

    ODBC to connect to live not replication

    Does your live system already support ODBC connections ? Configuring ODBC connections to a live db and then running update stats on a regular basis is a noticeable amount of work. After that is setup, I haven't seen much of an impact on read only ODBC connections. I have not had to support ODBC...
  15. cj_brandt

    Resolved How to clear broker and server logs?

    Depending on your version of OE and the parameter "allowruntimeupdates" in the file, you might be able to lower the logging level online. I don't recall if cat /dev/null > log will actually release the space without having to stop the app server.
  16. cj_brandt

    Resolved about who should start Progress DB and services?

    you could tell them that those permissions don't meet your company's security standards. Usually saying something about their setup fails our company's security audit is the best motivation I have with vendors.
  17. cj_brandt

    Lock table overflow during Update Statistics

    Is the schema the same in the 2 databases you are testing ? Is auditing enabled on both or neither ?
  18. cj_brandt

    Convert from Progress Db to Oracle Db

    I have been around a couple applications that used the Oracle DataServer. The application can be updated to make the reads perform acceptable, but we weren't able to get large updates to process quickly. If there were 100 records to update, the Oracle DataServer would send them to Oracle as...
  19. cj_brandt

    Progress Use

    OpenEdge Communities have some chatter. Seems like most of the posts relating to databases are coming from the Asia region. We tried to start / revive the Progress User Group for the Midwest region in the U.S.A., but it didn't last.
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    Does Progress still give the job title of Evangelist ? 20 years ago a Progress team came to the company I worked for and one of their business cards had Progress Evangelist as the job title.