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  1. Mike

    Question Need an Urgent Help

    Problem Statement: When maintaining rules in configurator, session dies with error "SessionPool: NoAvailableSessionsRequest falure: Max client connections has been reached (7251). Then other users on the system begin getting the same error message and kicked off the system. We have increased...
  2. Mike


    Dear Team Boscom, DB size:- 40 GB version:- 10.2B Users request you to restore the test database from Prod. We had full backup and 12 incremental backup after full backup. We transferred the backup files from prod to Test. We successfully restored a full backup but while restoring the...
  3. Mike


    Hi, I just want to know after executing the below command how it works and where we can open the logs and see this. #echo w > /proc/systr-trigger Thanks and Regards
  4. Mike

    Error Webspeed slow very urgent!

    Dear Boscom , Its very urgent issue . Please help . from last 2 months clients are complaining the webspeed broker so slow.We checked everything fine from database side. user able to log in but inside this all got stuck . Please help what is the issue ? what is happening here?
  5. Mike


    Dear Tom and Team. We got the mail from client side that he needs to have some information below:- Please check the below-highlighted servers. They asking the server usage. 1. Server :- gola 2 Server :- holae We have applications mfg/pro and progress running over there. and they ask below:-...
  6. Mike

    Question NEED YOUR SUPPORT !

    Dear all, Please help me . I need to update OS update from 7.1 TL3 AIX to AIX 7.2 TL2 . The progress version now is 9.1d . Now Progress version in :- 9.1d And AIX version in :- 7.1 TL3 We need to update 7.1 TL3 to 7.2 TL2. My question is that progress version 9.1d and mfg/pro version...
  7. Mike

    Question how we trace users activity in Webspeed broker ??

    Dear Team, We have 5 webspeed brokers. how we know that the webspeed broker is in use or not? . How we know that particular web speed broker are in use mean User intervention. will it reflect on Log file broker.lg or server .log?.suppose for example user fetching some records while...
  8. Mike

    Please make me Clarify

    Dear Boscom, Please make me clear ,I am confusing 1 What is ISO 8859-1 while installation and .df ? 2. What is ODBC and how it works in progress ? Please help me Best Regards Mike
  9. Mike

    What Is Meaning Here Order 20 And Order 30

    Dear Team, Is any one can tell me this below is .df:- I want to know here what do you mean by order 20 /30 here marked red .Please explain me:- Sample .df of the 'Monitor' table: ADD TABLE "Monitor" AREA "Schema Area" DUMP-NAME "monitor" ADD FIELD "cTableName" OF "Monitor" AS...
  10. Mike

    Getting Error >>>>please Do Needful

    Dear TOM, Please help me we are getting below error:- 1. progress version 7.3B **you cannot run progress that access data that progress version please do the needful. with regards Mike
  11. Mike

    Database Shut Down Abnormally And Webspeed Broker Wont Start

    Dear Tom and Team, a. Progress version;= PROGRESS Version 9.1D on AIX. (4234) b. Serve uname= AIX hllsap142 1 7 00CB80F74C00 Actually we have production Server and it has been copied all same file system to new server that is test Server. 1. I am facing a strange problem to start the...
  12. Mike

    Database Pruning Please Help

    Dear Tom and Team, I got this mail from client below please help me out on this below:- Hi Team, Need to execute data pruning urgently in PRD. Please let me know on the plan against it. . Dear Tom please help me out how to do database pruning . Please help me out this its urgent. t...
  13. Mike

    Buffer Hit 0 % User Experiencing Slowness

    Dear Tom, Buffer hit showing 0 % why ? users experiencing slowness. progress version = 9.1d unix = AIX Please do the needful. :-( with regards Mike
  14. Mike

    How To Set Up Dr

    Dear All, Anybody can help me to Setup DR step by step. with regards Mike
  15. Mike

    Webspeed Application Is Very Slow

    Dear Team and Tom, We are experiencing very slowness in application , Please find the sceenshot . what is going on no idea, Server load is also not so high? What should i do ? Any idea to rectify the issue of slowness of webspeeed?? with regards Mike
  16. Mike

    Advantage And Disadvatages Of Type Ii Databases .

    Dear TOM and all, Please explain me the advantages and disadvantages of Type II ? Why we have always cluster 1 in first area> schema area both in type I and Type II area ?? I am really apologies to you tom of my previous mails . My intention was only gain knowlegde. Please help me My...
  17. Mike

    Dear Please Help Me

    Is anybody help me how to this below:- What is the concept and how to do please:- 1. Purging / Archiving Table With regards Mike
  18. Mike

    Convertion Of Type I To Type Ii

    Dear all, Can you help me with conversion of type i to Type II database with screen shots step by step anybody?? Please help me with regards Mike
  19. Mike

    How To Convert Type I To Type Ii Databases .step By Step

    Dear ALL, How to convert Type I database to TYPE II. Please Help me. Anybody tell me step by step . What are the advantage over type I to Type II. With regards
  20. Mike

    Dear Team Please Tom Do The Needful

    Dear All, Please help me out to find out below by using Vst or 4gl codes tables:- 1. biblocksize 2. aiblocksize 3,. Database status 4. DB blocksize Please help me out its urgent. Please help me Tom Regards Mike