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  1. Cringer

    soap12WSAddressing10 ABL client issue

    We don't need multiple posts on the same issue.
  2. Cringer

    Soap12WSAddressing10, progress connectivity issue

    The error message would be a good start.
  3. Cringer

    Question Logging Error 2624 and STOP Condition

    Upgrade to OE12 and you can trap STOPS. You might even be able to do it in 11.7.4, but I'm not 100% certain.
  4. Cringer

    Openedger 10.2B colour scheme not appearing

    This might be a starting point of where to look: Progress KB - How to change the color scheme for the color-coded Procedure Editor
  5. Cringer

    Question Logging Error 2624 and STOP Condition

    Until OE 12 it's not possible to trap a STOP condition. A STOP is just that, a stop. My question would be, why are you wanting to log this? And why aren't you handling this yourself? FIND myrec EXCLUSIVE-LOCK NO-WAIT NO-ERROR. IF NOT AVAILABLE myrec THEN DO: IF LOCKED (myrec) THEN DO...
  6. Cringer

    Question Import from a dynamic CSV

    If the file really isn't that big. I would use COPY-LOB to put it in a LONGCHAR variable. That way you can parse it more easily and you're not reliant upon IMPORT etc.
  7. Cringer

    Error Creating branch to Enterprise GitHub using ABL

    First of all, your Progress version could be very important. Secondly, what happens if you POST the JSON using Postman or the like?
  8. Cringer

    Assign Primary Key and counter in ProDataset when using Read-XML

    Is the primary index a generated key of some kind? How is this handled in the normal application? If the triggers are used, then just exclude the key value from the copy to the database and the triggers will still fire and assign these automatically. Whatever the case, you can build a query on...
  9. Cringer

    Progress Contact

    You should call support IMO. There is nobody here who can help though.
  10. Cringer

    Difference between FOR FIRST and FIND FIRST

    Maybe if you give us a summary of what you have found so far. We don't tend to like doing homework for others unless they show some sort of initiative. :)
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    UNDO, THROW NEW ExtraSpikyErrorAtRob("Gotcha!",0).
  12. Cringer

    Question Using :U with character strings

    We actually allow use of the Translation Manager, so all our Strings have it on. We even have a SonarQube rule to enforce it!! But yes, other than the Translation Manager it has no added value.
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    Your code is missing a lock statement.
  14. Cringer

    For each searching for Control Codes

    This is from the Chrome editor so not syntax checked, but it might help! Set myString to be one of the values with the TM in. DO i = 1 to LENGTH(myString): DISPLAY SUBSTRING(myString,i,1) ASC(SUBSTRING(myString,i,1). END. That should give you the ASCII value of each character in the string...
  15. Cringer

    Multi Table Dynamic Query Issues With -rereadnolock

    Closing this as a dupe.
  16. Cringer

    Multi Table Dynamic Query. -rereadnolock causing read issues.

    Hi Andy, When preparing a query tuning talk a few years ago I also found that I had to set the CACHE property to get the expected reads on some queries. I did do some research then but didn't find another solution. Are you able to ascertain that the CACHE property is definitely causing issues...
  17. Cringer

    Incremental backup same size as full backup

    I would happily charge you a weekend to do the dump and load, even on 10.2BSP6 ;)
  18. Cringer

    Incremental backup same size as full backup

    If you're contemplating a dump and load then make sure you're on the very last service pack of 10.2B. You will then have a number of bells and whistles at your fingertips to improve the speed. Particularly the index build. I did a 9GB Database in less than an hour the other week. In terms of...
  19. Cringer

    Double compilation

    Without looking at the project it might be quite hard to debug this. I suspect there may be another setting in play that is also compiling. It seems counter-intuitive, but have you tried disabling the compile on save option and see if you still get a compile on save?
  20. Cringer

    Answered Create some dynami triggers

    Not sure I understand the question. It's still a static browse, right? So you just add triggers to the static browse?