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    Proutil dbname -C idxbuild all is not work utf-8 problem (11.6.4)

    Hi Hikmet, Did you try what was suggested in article 000032161: proutil master -C idxbuild all -cpinternal UTF-8
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    QR Code in Progress

    Hi Cecil, I've tried this, several years ago: ThoughtWorks.QRCode USING ThoughtWorks.QRCode.Codec.*. USING System.Drawing.*. DEFINE VARIABLE oEncoder AS ThoughtWorks.QRCode.Codec.QRCodeEncoder NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE oImage AS System.Drawing.Image NO-UNDO. oEncoder = NEW...
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    Question download pdf from https fails

    Strange. I've tested your piece of code under Win7/IE11 and noticed that deselecting "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" allowed the PDF to be saved. What is your version of Windows & IE?
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    Question download pdf from https fails

    Hi Wolfgang, Did you try to deselect "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" in Internet Options, as suggested here: URLDownloadToFile not working in windows 7 with https
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    Question Please Help Me To Understand This Line - If Recid(pckc_mstr) = -1 Then.

    My two cents... It reminds me of a (silly) trick to reduce the size of the action code segment (when, ages ago, it was strictly limited in size). An "IF ... THEN ." statement takes a little bit less space then an ASSIGN statement. Overcoming Action Code Segment Limitation (Error 3307)
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    Script Db Autostart Tick Flag

    IMHO, you should rather consider not starting the OpenEdge AdminService. This will prevent all components (db, appserver,...) to "auto-start". (The "autostart" flags are saved in the "%DLC%\properties\" file... but you'd better not edit this file)
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    Question Autocomplete Combo-box

    We are using oe11.6.3. But it also works with oe10.2b.
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    Question Autocomplete Combo-box

    Just want to mention that you can play with the following attributes of a combo-box widget to achieve your needs: subtype = drop-down (default is drop-down-list) auto-completion = yes unique-match = yes
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    Detecting A Window Coming To The Front

    Hi Adam, You might want to try the ENTRY event of the Window widget.
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    Problem In Reading A Text File

    Take a look at the Progress knowledge base... The IMPORT UNFORMATTED statement does not read the last line within a text file if there is no carriage-return at the end of the file
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    Web Service

    Have a look at the broker/server log files. Is there anything there?
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    Question Browse & Cell

    Did you simply try an APPLY "ENTRY" to <browse-name> at the end of the button's choose trigger?
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    Question Temp-table And Frame Problem

    Hi Jonathan, Why not using a (dynamic) browse instead of a frame? That would be much more easier. You can even configure it to look almost like a down frame (no separators, no headers, ...)
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    Specify Excel Version For Com-handle

    You can add the (internal) version of the automation object. For instance, for Excel 2010: CREATE "excel.application.14" chExcel. Look at your Windows Registry (HKLM\Software\classes\) to identify the installed/available versions.
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    Importing .d Created From Data Dictionary

    Thank you for the clarification. So, in the end, strong scoping buffer and transaction does not prevent creation of the empty record. We have to delete it afterwards, or define the temp-table as "undo", or use variables and validations.
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    Importing .d Created From Data Dictionary

    I must have missed something RealHeavyDude, 'cos even with strong scoped buffer & transaction, I still have the blank record... unless the temp-table is defined without the NO-UNDO option: DEF TEMP-TABLE tt NO-UNDO FIELD fld AS CHAR. RUN proc_import. FOR EACH tt: DISPL "*" tt.fld. END...
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    How To Use Save As Command For Excel File

    The SaveAs method refers to a Workbook object, not a Worksheet. Beside this, you specify the xlFileFormat 6 (i.e. CSV), while the filename ends with ".xlsx". Try this: chWorkbook:SaveAs(xSaveAsName,-4143...
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    Resolved How To Set The Window To Open Maximized

    Make sure the window is defined as "resizable", then before (or after) the window is being realized, set: ASSIGN {&WINDOW-NAME}:MAX-WIDTH = ? {&WINDOW-NAME}:MAX-HEIGHT = ? {&WINDOW-NAME}:WINDOW-STATE = WINDOW-MAXIMIZED.
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    Question Import\export Headache

    If you are using the EXPORT statement or the "dump_d.p" (from the Data Administration) to generate your .d files, the "Position" value of your fields must match in both databases.
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    For Each Statement Populated By Variable

    Hi Phillip, You can use dynamic objects, of course. But unfortunately there is no dynamic equivalent to the EXPORT statement. You'll have to dump data field by field rather than record by record, and this will generate a serious overhead. I would rather recommend you to use the program behind...