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    Question Listing all the procedure type handle

    Osborne's Knowledge Base link is correct. Relevant part: DEFINE VARIABLE hProcedure AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. hProcedure = SESSION:FIRST-PROCEDURE. DO WHILE VALID-HANDLE(hProcedure): /* Process hProcedure here */ hProcedure = hProcedure:NEXT-SIBLING. END. Judging from the screenshot you are...
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    Resolved Command a window from another

    According to the OpenEdge help a procedure object handle does have a current-window attribute, but after reading about that attribute I'm not sure if it set automatically. Alternatively you could try to iterate through all open windows with next-sibling.
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    Progress kbase acting strange?

    Thanks for the "Select Viewer" tip, I never tried a right-click in the result list. Very handy, usually I just searched for the title of the entry in the online knowledge base.
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    Resolved Command a window from another

    I suppose you don't have the source code for that window? It should be possible to do some automation without having the source code or resorting to AutoIt. Get the handle to the window, get the handle to the frame in the window (or the viewer in the container first), iterate the widgets inside...
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    Progress 8.3b workgroup on Win 10?

    I absolutely agree with Tom Bascom in this case. Since you are talking about a client-server-application you should definitely try to upgrade to a current Progress release.
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    Progress 8.3b workgroup on Win 10?

    @patrick: I suppose it is not your decision to make to migrate to a new Progress version? If it absolutely necessary I would just install the application in a VM (XP-mode in Windows 7 nothing else but a VM). If it worked in XP-mode then you could run XP in the VM, Windows 2000 might be more...
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    Progress kbase acting strange?

    I actually prefer the downloadable knowledge base most of the time. Very often I only visit the website when I want so send a link to an article to a colleague, or when I need to be absolutely sure that the results are up to date.
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    Question how to take output of function

    I don't know anything about QAD. You don't check if sdet is available before accessing sdet.sod_line. It seems strange to name a logical variable "i", but that's merely a convention.
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    Question Learing ADM all over again.

    Progress KB - Where to find the documentation for ADM on version 8 "ADM 1 related information can be found in the "User Interface Builder Developer Guide". Note that this documentation is not available electronically. Contact your sales representative to obtain a printed copy." Ouch. Actually...
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    Help with Error "The shared memory is version 6413727; expected 13727 (1178)" Please

    For a description of the version number scheme have a look at Progress KB - What is the Shared Memory version number for each Progress OpenEdge version? 13727 means 11.7.2 (ie. 11.7 SP2), 6413727 means 11.7.2 64 bit. Don't bother with the \oe102b path. I suppose \oe117_x64\bin\prowin.exe is the...
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    WSDL operation call

    The compile error I get is ** Invalid keyword found. Enclose it in quotes: ASYNCHRONOUS. (349) According to the OpenEdge Help the parameters go last, just before NO-ERROR. These RUN statement compiles: RUN pProc IN hPortType ASYNCHRONOUS SET hRoundtrip EVENT-PROCEDURE "eHandler"...
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    Question Software tool required for Unit Testing GUI input

    In theory you could write the test code in 4GL and run it in the same session. (I have seen automation done that way.) But this is not completely equivalent to simulating input from outside the application, eg. an "apply 'choose'" to a button will not visibly "press" the button. In this case...
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    Why is the source code in French, including keywords? o_O You fixed that, thanks. I suppose the language barrier might explain the communication problems.
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    Question Procedure or Class?

    Obviously classes and methods are more modern than procedures and functions. Even if you don't use inheritance and class hierarchies and simply use singleton classes as libraries methods allow you to let the compiler check the parameters (works for functions, but not for procedures) but still...
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    Bad code

    Could this depend on the MIN-SIZE option of the COMPILE statement?
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    Question Archive a file in a progress table

    The document management system that is included in our product (ERP software) is implemented through an AppServer that stores the files on the file system of the server it is running on. All metadata of the DMS is still stored in the Progress DB. Of course one reason for this decision is that...
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    Table Decimal field rounding when set to ? decimals

    The oldest version I have installed on my machine is 10.2B. The text reads the same there. (To be precise: OpenEdge Help, entry on Data Types, Decimal.)
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    Question OE Replication

    A colleague of mine won the DBA and Programmer's Challenge in the 2017 EMEA PUG Challenge (lowest downtime for dump and load). I don't have the technical details, but I understand that he used a generator that writes lots of batch or script files that can run in parallel. It seems that there is...
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    what is all this pollution

    Would it make sense to appoint more Spam moderators? I'd be happy to help. Alternatively, could you remove or reduce the Report-timeout if I report more than one post?
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    Table Decimal field rounding when set to ? decimals

    I've only seen a decimals value of ? for other data types, but it seems that ? is legal. You are basically saying you don't want any rounding which is equivalent to full precision, so you would have to set 10 decimals which is the maximum precision Progress allows. Just had a quick look in the...