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    Error reading Outlook folder

    Ah 5890, one of those helpful ActiveX errors (we've had plenty of those during our migration to v12 and new Windows servers). In our case we had some long forgotten dlls which needed copying and re-registering.
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    Advice on AI implementation

    Thanks for all your replies and apologies for not getting back sooner. I'll go back to variable length AI extents after reading your advice as anything that avoids hassle/problems is a bonus for us. The 6 DBs with AI enabled are part of a single application which is the heart of our business...
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    Advice on AI implementation

    Hi, First time posting on here so "hello" and I hope this is the right forum area for this question. Just so you know, I'm no expert regarding Progress but have picked up a little bit of knowledge over the last couple of years. My main role is server admin not DBA. We are deep into a project to...