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  1. jeffledbetter

    Roundtable TSMS 11.8

    Hi all. Roundtable TSMS 11.8 is now available. If you are using OE 10.2B and higher, you can use Roundtable TSMS 11.8!
  2. jeffledbetter

    OE11.6 OpenEdge Developer Sutdio - Stupid errors .

    I've seen that happen before. Eclipse isn't always happen when it doesn't shut down gracefully. It doesn't always happen so I'm not sure what the pattern is.
  3. jeffledbetter

    OE11.6 OpenEdge Developer Sutdio - Stupid errors .

    Looks like there is a lot going on. Eclipse or OpenEdge Architect/Progress Developer Studio? What version? Was it working previously and then stopped working? Are the Progress OE plug-ins instantiating? Our plug-ins depend upon the OpenEdge plug-ins, so if they do not start ours will not...
  4. jeffledbetter

    Comment Thoughts On Caching...

    Hey, Mr. Mad DBA. Please drop me a line. Tried to reach out, but your email server doesn't seem to like me. Thanks.
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    Round Table Tsm Fields

    The rtb_ver.upd-notes field contains the version notes for that specific version. It does not contain Task notes. The rtb_task.description fields contains the notes for the Task. However, we do not recommend manually changing the Roundtable repository database without direction from our...
  6. jeffledbetter

    Round Table Api Rtb_events.p.

    The rtb_events.p procedure is run persistent at start-up. You will need to restart your session to see your changes.
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    Roundtable Community

    Hi all. If you are also a Progress Communities user, please join us over there as well! Roundtable Community - Progress Community
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    Question Reverting To A Previous Version

    Hi. You didn't mention your Roundtable version, but you have a few options: 1. Delete and revert will put the previously assigned version back in the Workspace, or 2. If you created a release prior to importing (in the target), you can choose the 'Revert to Release' option which will put...
  9. jeffledbetter

    Roundtable TSMS 11.5

    Hi all. As of last week, Roundtable TSMS 11.5 is publicly available! It is compatible with OE 10.2B and higher. If you are interested in upgrading, contact us or your Progress account manager.
  10. jeffledbetter

    Question Roundtable and OpenEdge Architect

    Hi. Yes, that is the correct URL. If the connection is timing out, it must be an Eclipse proxy configuration. If you cannot get it working, contact us directly: Thank you.
  11. jeffledbetter

    Question Roundtable and OpenEdge Architect

    Hi. Do you mean that you do not understand the solution, or it is not working? That is the correct address for the update site. Most of the time, the proxy server is the issue. In later versions on Eclipse, the location to enable it has moved. If open the Eclipse preferences dialog and just...
  12. jeffledbetter

    Roundtable TSMS 11.4.1 Patch

    Hi. The Roundtable TSMS 11.4.1 patch is available and can be downloaded here: The patch requires Roundtable TSMS 11.4 being installed. Roundtable TSMS 11.4 is compatible with OE 10.2B and higher.
  13. jeffledbetter

    Error OE Dev Studio - Workspace in the cloud?

    I've experimented along these lines using my Microsoft Live Skydrive and the Skydrive app for Windows 7 (I think it is built into Windows 8).
  14. jeffledbetter

    Question Inetgrate prolint with Round table

    Thank you guys for the comments on our support. We try to hard to give the same kind of support experience that we would want to receive ourselves. Since we use Roundtable to manage Roundtable development, we are generally on top of things. :-)
  15. jeffledbetter

    Question Inetgrate prolint with Round table

    There is no out-of-the-box integration with Prolint. I'm not sure if Prolint is still actively maintained, but others have done some intergration. As Thomas points out, there is a project on OEHive for it and that would probably server as a good starting point. All integration should be based on...
  16. jeffledbetter

    retrieve deleted object from roundtable

    You didn't state your version or platform so my response is assuming the Roundtable GUI client. An object that has been committed to the Roundtable repository is never deleted - it is just simply unassigned from the Workspace. You can assign any commited Object back to the current Workspace...
  17. jeffledbetter

    Way to Automate / schedule Rountable Tasks?

    Hi. You can achieve this by using the Roundtable API to fire off a selective compile. See rtb/p/rtb_api.p for details. Roundtable cannot schedule it for you but you can use the API in conjunction with some OS task scheduler that calls a batch file to run your routine. Jeff
  18. jeffledbetter

    Edit HTML objects from Roundtable

    Hi. When the object is edited outside of the Progress session in another editor, we do not have a way of knowing that the window closed so we cannot unlock the object or pop-up the version notes prompt.
  19. jeffledbetter

    Multiple module Object Group assign

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question. Each Object has a group and each Object belongs to a Module. So, an Object Group is essentially a child of a Module which means that Modules cannot be assigned to Groups. Although directly editing the data is not recommended, you can set the Object...
  20. jeffledbetter

    Upgrading to Roundtable 9.1D - Visual Diff no longer works

    Hi. VisDiff does not like the quotes around the filenames. BTW, you can configure any visual differencing tool that you like under the Roundtable User Preferences. I would suggest using something like WinMerge as opposed to an old copy of VisDiff. Jeff