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  1. Cringer

    Debugging in a CHUI

    -debugalert will just provide you with stack traces on error messages (extra button displayed). It won't make any difference to the debugger.
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    Thanks for confirming, Tom. I'm going to close this topic as it's way off topic.
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    Is it an OpenEdge query? Maybe it's not useless, but it's off topic.
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    What OS? AFAIK that will put a 'w' into the file /proc/systr-trigger. So it's completely useless.
  5. Cringer

    Question Monitoring R-code activity

    Your requirements are too vague and incomprehensible. Are you wanting to record how often a piece of r-code is used?
  6. Cringer

    Last day as a Progress OpenEdge 4GL/ABL developer

    Always sad to hear of someone lost to the OE world. And when that person is such an asset to the community as you it's even harder to swallow. You'll be missed, and I agree wholeheartedly with Rob's sentiments above. All the best, and don't be a total stranger.
  7. Cringer

    Progress startup parameter

    I understand it as he wants to programmatically enquire of the startup params and display them.
  8. Cringer

    Progress startup parameter

    Database startup parameters? Client startup parameters? Progress version?
  9. Cringer

    microsoft word

    I believe it has recently been bought by someone like akioma.
  10. Cringer

    Need help with QAD invoice enter time > than now less 15 minutes

    I get syntax errors with your code, probably because of Progress versions which is why you should always say what version you're on. But, the obvious error is that your code will return "920" rather than "0920". So, do this: string (t,"9999") And message out the value you're getting out.
  11. Cringer

    Error How can we fix warning - pcondb for db qaddb has lkctr.

    This seems to be the most relevant KB article. Progress KB - What does the 'warning - pcondb for db has lkctr (395)' mean? But I would heed the warning and contact Tech Support.
  12. Cringer

    ProgressDB and SQL sync

    I've not done it before, but I suspect others have. I suppose in a way it doesn't matter if you use ODBC or API. Either will work. But, you do need to have a mechanism that ensures everything is written that needs to be written. What happens if the Progress DB is down or unavailable? How do you...
  13. Cringer

    ProgressDB and SQL sync

    Pro2 is definitely not going to work. The Pro part of the name means Progress, so it's Progress to <whatever>. You can set up a Progress database with a SQL broker which you can then connect to using ODBC. I would investigate that as my first port of call for what you want.
  14. Cringer

    Openedge 12

    Server side joins, multi threaded database server, BHT latch contention reduction, Swagger included to document the PASOE Rest interface, loads more I can't think of. I've got the ESAP downloaded with the plan of playing if I get some time... Oh OE Replication - streaming of AI files to target...
  15. Cringer

    PUG Challenge Americas 2018 is only 3 weeks away!

    I'd be happy to do a repeat via webinar for a local PUG. Physical attendance might be harder to arrange, but I'd also be open to that!
  16. Cringer

    Question Following the way of changing a value

    You should also read up on the -rereadnolock parameter.
  17. Cringer

    How to use smartstatic objects with teleriks controls.

    Others are more experienced and may well have ideas, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree here. ADM is a Progress framework. Telerik controls are .Net. In order to display Progress and Telerik on the same form you'd have to embed the Progress stuff in a Form, but I don't think you can...
  18. Cringer

    OEM Fathom error

    I would suggest logging a call with Tech Support.
  19. Cringer

    Question Managing error

    BLOCK-LEVEL ON ERROR UNDO,THROW. Look it up in the docs. Robust error handling is imperative, particular if you want to use things like Unit Testing, so learn it now.
  20. Cringer

    Question Following the way of changing a value

    Don't use FIRST. That's not a solution to your problem, but a principle. In particular in your example above. You would only expect a single result as you're looking on what seems to be a unique key. In fact, if your query returns more then one result you want to know about it, and FIRST would...