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  1. Cecil

    Question Using WebSpeed as a REATful API Web Service Famework

    This is working on classic/traditional webspeed. The issue is licensing. The added cost to move to PAS has been the bottle neck to upgrading.
  2. Cecil

    Debugging in a CHUI

    Can you use "-debugalert", or is that not going to work?
  3. Cecil

    Question Using WebSpeed as a REATful API Web Service Famework

    I'm working on a personal project using WebSpeed to emulate a RESTful Web Service and it's working quite well. It replicates the OpenEdge REST service with having a simple framework. Also, the HTTP BASIC & DIGEST authentication is also handled by the framework. My question there...
  4. Cecil

    Question Mqtt Client Written In Abl

    ABL-MQTT-CLIENT + ESP32 w/OLED So...I thought I would revisit this little project before I start my new job. I've set up an end to end process where my ABL session is publishing a message to an MQTT Server/Broker. I also have an ESP32 with an OLED display which is also persistently connected to...
  5. Cecil

    HMACSHA1 function using the ABL SHA1-DIGEST

    If you are using OpenEdge 11.7.4 you can now do this: DEFINE VARIABLE chJSONData AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE chKey AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE lcLong AS LONGCHAR NO-UNDO. chJSONData = '{data:"somedatahere"}'. chKey = "ApplicationKey" . lcLong =...
  6. Cecil

    Error PDFInclude error : " pdf_inc.p was not found (293) ".

    Is pdf_inc.p or pdf_inc.r located in your ProPath?
  7. Cecil

    Last day as a Progress OpenEdge 4GL/ABL developer

    Hi All, Since getting a Job as 'Juinor Analyst Programmer' on my last day of college when I was 18, (20 years ago) starting in version 6 (Oh, those Black Books ), I have always been a Progress Developer for all of my professional career. Alas, I start a new job in the New Year not as a...
  8. Cecil

    Question What is the best way to make an httpRequest using a progress client application?

    Sometimes I find using cURL is the best solution, especially if I have to use client side certificates.
  9. Cecil

    Question How do you create window app

    Traditionally with the AppBulder .
  10. Cecil


    Well...I have not heard anything more from the client, I'm guessing having STRING datatype in the XSD is okay.
  11. Cecil

    Openedge 12

    Haha...I see that they are now supporting Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) algorithms (OE11.7.4). This is the code I wrote back in 2006 (12 years later) and even blogged about it on the ProgressTalk. I've even done some development work with SHOPIFY and that heavily uses HMAC.
  12. Cecil

    Openedge 12

    Any new ABL features? I’m more of a developer than a DBA guy. Unfortunately, I no long have direct access to press reslease from the progress website.
  13. Cecil

    Openedge 12

    So... what’s new in OE12?
  14. Cecil


    Hi LarryD, Thanks for that, I should have explained that is what I am already doing. building up a string value of the ISO-DATE standard but the problem is that I need to have the XML element export a DATATIME field which does not include the milliseconds and it aligns with the XSD being...
  15. Cecil


    OE 11.6 OS: WINDOWS I need to output a DATETIME data type into an XML file but not to include the milliseconds. I'm currently creating an XML document and the supporting XSD where the timestamp is a CHARACTER data type and I'm outputting them in the following format mask YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS...
  16. Cecil

    Question Following the way of changing a value

    AppServer and WebSpeed are products of Progress Software. If you are not sure of what they are I'm guessing that you are not using them? Which if that's the case, you don't need to worry about them at this stage.
  17. Cecil

    Question Following the way of changing a value

    Just chucking in my 2 cents. Something else to consider when using an EXCLUSIVE-LOCK on a find statement is WebSpeed. By default, WebSpeed has "lockwait timeout" of only 10 seconds and then it raises a STOP condition if it's unable to get an record lock. So, in some conditions where your code...
  18. Cecil

    Comment Managing Trusted CA Root Certificates in OpenEdge

  19. Cecil

    Question WebSpeed Agent not showing a BATCH (_Connect._Connect-Batch)

    Thanks, Tom. Duly noted. I am not going to get involved in this too much.