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  1. Cringer

    Question How to match standard and specifics

    Sounds like you want OO principles to be honest. You have your base code but in certain instances that can be overloaded/extended and all that loveliness.
  2. Cringer

    Appserver agent are busy and stuck.

    You need to work out why those agents were showing as busy. A proGetStack on some of the PIDs will point you in the direction of which line of code they're on at the time. Maybe you'll find a pattern. Last time something like this happened to us we found that an external API we were consuming...
  3. Cringer

    Sysprogress user

    Have you tried googling? It's the default DBA account for SQL access. There's plenty of material online about what it is, how to log in, and what to do if you don't know the password.
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    Please Delete this thread

    Closing as a dupe.
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    Question ABL Wordle Application

    Yeah there was a reason for that many years ago that I no longer remember. Easy enough to fix ;)
  6. Cringer

    Question ABL Wordle Application

    @Cecil here's a simple Battleships game I wrote in ABL using dynamic widgets and images as I found that worked better than manipulating the colours like I said earlier.
  7. Cringer

    Question ABL Wordle Application

    When I've done games dev in the past in OE I've ended up using images and overlaying them on buttons rather than faffing around with fonts and colours.
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    Question ABL Wordle Application

    color-table. That's the one. :D
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    Open Excel without MS Office

    If you're creating and opening xlsx files then they're basically just compressed folders of xml files. There's documentation out there for them, or you can use tools that already exist. DocXFactory being the most likely candidate to use I'd have thought. GitHub - DocxFactory/DocxFactory: Cross...
  10. Cringer

    Question ABL Wordle Application

    Gosh. It's been a while. But I believe you can set fonts and colours at runtime, and I believe you can check what values are set, if any. The big issue I have is I can't for the life of me remember how!
  11. Cringer

    purge and resize db

    Just a thought - you're on Windows and the backup takes 90 minutes. That seems a little long tbh. When you do the backup are you using the same filename each time, and are you backing up over the old backup file? If so, consider moving the old backup to the side, or using a unique file naming...
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    OpenEdge 13.0 ?

    Old Gus Bjorklund had a farm Oh Eee Oh Ex Oh Dee
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    DB Parameters -S

    -S stands for Service I believe. It's the port number that the broker will listen on. You can either use an integer port value, or in this case you use a character value that is then mapped to that port. In Windows that's in the Services file. Similar is done in Linux but I can't remember off...
  14. Cringer

    Ideas for caching a table?

    So will a temp-table cache persist across sessions if it's global shared? I'll have to have a play around with that today.
  15. Cringer

    Ideas for caching a table?

    -B2 may be the path of least resistance. Staring me right in the face!!
  16. Cringer

    Ideas for caching a table?

    OE 11.7.17 (or whatever the latest patch is). Redhat We have a table in the database that is the system control table. Pretty much every program has an include file in it to read this record. Sometimes this even happens multiple times due to nested includes. It's a mess. We are reading this...
  17. Cringer

    Releasing memory

    Belt and braces I would be setting the memptr size to 0 on each iteration. The static class call is fine as is IMO.
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    Question After Imaging Files

    Auditing is designed for the job it sounds like you are trying to do. After imaging is not. :)
  19. Cringer

    DB Viewer

    Looks like it shows the structure only. The instructions in the post above seem detailed enough. But this is a post from 2002, so who knows whether the app will work with modern Progress versions or not. I don't think the author is working in OpenEdge anymore either.
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    You're going to need to give a lot more context to this request before anyone has a hope of helping. :)