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    Webspeed 'crashing' every hour

    Hi folks, we have a screen on the wall where the MD and his minions can see live stats from our collection team however it keeps failing on the hour, we only have a 2 agent license, not sure if that is an issue or my configuration properties maybe, it looks as though it is housekeeping...
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    Losing record

    set-attribute-list is standard functionality and does not appear to touch a buffer as it is just being used to pass a value from what I can see. What code were you expecting to see, the 5 lines I originally posted are as cut from the main routine
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    Losing record

    Can anyone explain the following behaviour please? MESSAGE 1.5 AVAILABLE debtor VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX. RUN SET-ATTRIBUTE-LIST IN h_q-debtordiary ("debtor=" + trim(STRING(Debtor.debtorid))). MESSAGE 1.6 AVAILABLE debtor VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX. Message 1.5 returns yes however message 1.6 returns no...
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    Update one browser from another

    I cannot easily do that, I will try and explain the issue again . I have 2 sdo's for 2 smartbrowsers and I want a change in the first one to pass through to the second 1 to refresh the information in the other one with the new information
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    Update one browser from another

    Hi, I have a gui interface that has 2 browsers with a smart data object for each one (there is a foreign field I can use) and what I would like to change the row on the left hand browser and have it update the browser on the right hand side but no matter what I try, it refuses to do what I need...
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    Question How can I get from _sequence to _file as the _seq-name does not do it

    I am trying to write a routine to update all sequences when bulk data is copied to a testing system but cannot find the link to the relevant file.
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    Populate selection-list based on value in a combo-box

    Hi folks, got that Monday morning feeling and a serious case of brain fade. I have a smart-viewer with a combo-box for main condition and a selection list to allow for multiple sub conditions. I can update and save the values as a comma separated list in a field and that all works great but...
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    Database field value truncation

    Part of the code looks to see if a value has changed and none of the values being checked are the one that gets truncated, think it was something in the adm/objects/debtor.p routine that was truncating.
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    Database field value truncation

    Hi, this is driving me nuts so thought I would ask you guys as you normally sort me out. I have a Gui diary application I am working on and the problem is that I have a character field of format x(30) and it has a value that is 36 characters long, which to my mind should be fine as the...
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    Odd behaviour on Webspeed

    We currently have an application running on Webspeed (OpenEdge 11.7.4) in that when I refresh the app it alternates between showing what I want and the following WebSpeed error from messenger process (6019) WebSpeed Agent Error: Agent did not return an HTML page (6383) Pulling what little of...
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    Webspeed Messenger 11.6

    Following an upgrade to 11.7.4, we are having to retain 10.2 for our Webstats that uses WSISA, as it does not work in 11.7 Looking on the Progress Knowledge Base it suggests that we download the Webspeed Messenger for 11.6, when I go to the Openedge download, I do not have our authorised...
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    Where does this error come from, as far as I know I don't use the stuff mentioned

    That is not our situation as we have all systems on the same service pack 11.7.4, it turned out I needed to add the core file to the propath on my test systems. Thank you for taking the time to reply
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    Where does this error come from, as far as I know I don't use the stuff mentioned

    Been coding the ability to just press a button in a window to select an SMS message to send and it works brilliantly on my local system but when I deploy it to our test systems, I get the following error. s As far as I am aware I do not use the classes mentioned, in my code I have USING...
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    Console compile messages

    Hi folks, I am currently trying to use PDSOE for all my development work and have a couple of questions, my colleague gets compilation messages in the Console, but I do not although I used to get them. Also why does my Clean only seem to get about 30% of the way through and runs very very very...
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    Cannot pay

    I have been trying to become a sponsor but whenever I try to make a payment, just says my account is not able to!!!!
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    Pro 2

    Thanks for the quick reply folks, we currently run a data extract routine written in house which requires 'conversion' to the Catalyst format required by our HO prior to sending the data, is Pro2 just a direct mapping or could we reformat etc
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    Pro 2

    Just a quick query but if we already have replication to 2 other Openedge servers do we need Pro 2 as well? Most of our reporting is done locally but we also need to send some of the data to our Head Office. Cheers
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    Double compilation

    Hi folks, I have only recently started using PDSOE and have a very minor issue that is quite annoying. Whenever I save my program I get a double compilation ; - [04-04-2019 07:17:39] /catalyst/Code/cff2/CustomerExtract.p (E:\catalyst\r-code\Code\cff2\CustomerExtract.r) [04-04-2019 07:17:39]...
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    OEM Fathom error

    ====== Start exception logging == "ads0.exp" opened == Fri Nov 09 08:34:36 GMT 2018 ====== **** 5315 **** Exception at Fri Nov 09 08:34:37 GMT 2018: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Message (excp): Invalid Progress version string Stack Trace: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException...
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    OEM Fathom error

    I am trying to fix an issue preventing us using OEM, we are in the process of an upgrade from 10.2.8 to 11.7.4, I shut down the oe10 admin server then started the oe11 version and that seems to work ok however if I shutdown the oe11 version and try to start the oe10 version I get [09/11/18...