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    Answered Some programs returning "Unable to run Web object" on new server

    I'm curious to know: Why go through all the "upgrading" trouble and excitement only to end up with Server 2019 in 2023 ?
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    Secret Server

    Hmmm... that would look good on a T-Shirt :)
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    OpenEdge enhancement request portal

    Of course no one should do that!! Openly soliciting votes on name recognition alone, is just wrong. This a the sensible way of putting it. :)
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    Lock Table overflow error

    10.1x to be exact. ( How to make online schema changes to the Database? )
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    Copying Changes from one DB to Another

    As much fun as it is to be dumping and loading data in pursuit of application functionality, it should be within the capabilities - but perhaps "below the pay-grade" - of a developer dealing with a "complex banking system" to write a exportmenusettings.p and importmenusettings.p For some...
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    Question "OUTPUT TO" -> path of location where the file needs to be saved is on a different server

    "I'm convinced now that the best way forward for me is to just copy the files to the new servers using a task. I'll certainly pass on your feedback to our IT-guys for a more efficient way in the future!" Upgrade the IT guys next.
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    Some code, others query.
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    Question Apple Wallet and Google Wallet generation in OpenEdge ABL.

    If there is another payment solution already in place, it might be easier to extend it , rather than adding a-la-cart applepay and google wallet. Whoever is reconciling payments might thank you down the road.
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    Question Query Performance Part 2

    Depending on number of records returned, hardware issues or lack thereof, buffer hit rates, other database activity and which runs first (for each vs open-query ), you might end up with the one that runs first, taking longer.
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    Syteline 6.02.01 on server 2003--how will new Microsoft kerberos protocol affect it

    Save the dlc\properties\*.properties files and copy them to your new 9.1E instalation on server 201x or even better 2022 if you have new enough hardware to support it (ie TPM 2.0). As for not being able to refer to printers by the UNC share name ... it can still work. You might have to enable...
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    OS-Copy <FileName> PRN

    The workaround is to "copy" the file using the UNC name for the device. OS-COPY filename \\machinename\printersharename (can be the same machine you are printing from or some oher machine on the same network). PRN, LPT1, COM1 etc "access" has been limited since VISTA came out. You are welcome :)
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    DB abnormal shutdown due to appserver terminated abnormally

    The most equivalnet to kill -9 on windows is taskkill /IM exenamehere /F ( taskkill /? to find out all the interesting ways to wreck havoc with it ). Since this started happening at multiple sites, event logs on the client and the server should be looked at as well , to see what the OS is...
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    Suddenly slow database and sometimes losing connection

    Not everyone is in a position to slam the brakes on a "change" before it happens. Also you must appreciate the vagueness of hardware changes. Why the drive was changed in the first place, what it was changed from , and most importantly if there was indeed "something" wrong with the drive who...
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    Need a details of Users with query like admin access,sys access, role access, permmsions

    You may be preaching to the wrong choir. The sermon, amuzing at first, starts to get repetitevly annoying. ...and yet here we are. There is a chance among all the "buy my product or service" presentations over the years I might have missed the ones on how to implement "more secure" "security"...
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    Answered IDE for progress

    Thanks, I'm all set !
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    Answered IDE for progress

    That's way too technical for me to follow. Thanks for you time :)
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    Answered IDE for progress

    Is this because of fixed bug(s) or new feature(s) since say ... 11.7.2 ? Please, do tell .
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    Is PROGRESS Version 9.1E04 compatible with HP-UX 11i v2 Update 2?

    "creaky software", "felony in some jurisdictions"... Whoever said people that write code aren't good at creative writing was obviously wrong. :)
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    Exponential Database Growth

    Seeing all this information makes me want to know how all extents prior to .d21 are limited to 2GB . Was enablelargefiles used before figuring out the reason for the sudden growth? I love using 2GB extents for this specific reason :)
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    Exponential Database Growth

    A database being used to store scanned documents will start increasing at an obscene rate for only two reasons: A) A LOT and I mean really a lot more documents are being stored than before , or the more usual reason: A scanner or scanners were replaced and now the size of the scanned documents...