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    OE 11.7.x vs OE 12 and PASOE

    Is OE 12 quicker than 11.7.x? Progress website advertises its quicker but I would like to know how other users feel about this version. Also does PASOE make a huge difference in the scheme of things? We use Classic App Server and have to convert into PASOE before switching to OE 12.
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    Changing idxcheck validation default options

    Am using OE 11.7.3 with RHEL 6.x. I know idxcheck comes with below default options. Is there a way to change these options to select more? Ideally I would like to select option 3 (Validate record for each key) along with the other selected options. I am hoping to skip a couple of steps by...
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    Scatter factor

    I would like to know if the scatter factor of _file and _field have an effect on performance?
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    Bibuf/Aibuf size

    I mistyped, it's 11.7.3
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    Bibuf/Aibuf size

    Will check pointing decrease by increasing AIBUF and BIBUF? Do I have to do both of them (Understood from articles that their values should match)? Also, is there a concept of too much memory allocated to aibuf/bibuf? The current values sit at 150 and I am thinking of increasing them to 512...
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    B2 parameters - Keep it or remove it?

    Moving Schema area to -B2 sounds interesting. Apart from the below tables what other tables can be moved here? _Field _Index-Field _File _Index _Sequence
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    B2 parameters - Keep it or remove it?

    If I have -B2 parameters specified in my start up parameters but there are no tables allocated for the alternate buffer - -> How does this affect the memory allocation? -> Can I remove -B2 start up parameters without any adverse effects? I am using a version of 11.7.3 with Red Hat OS
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    Startup Parameter -mxs

    Does -mxs affect performance? Assuming we don't ever exceed it what difference will it make to increase the value? I am using a 64 bit system with -mxs value of 8192.
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    Indexes in DataArea

    Having indexes in data area for auditing - is this a performance concern?
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    Toss and Create limits

    I managed to install ProTop and run the suggested report. I noticed that the Create Limit is always 150. Is there a reason as to why it's fixed at 150? Will it make any difference if I lower the value?
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    Toss and Create limits

    I don't have ProTop set up. Is there any other way to run the reports?
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    Toss and Create limits

    What are the best settings for "Toss and Create" limits? The setting which I have are based on mean size, min size and max size - Should they be based on just one of the mentioned parameters or a combination of them?