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    Question [SOLVED] Dbtool - does the 2. SQL Width Scan w/Fix Option only fix the tables with errors?

    As Rob says, there could potentially be many different answers. This gives a bit of information about DBTool padding that may help: Also this for extent fields padding...
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    Question [SOLVED] Dbtool - does the 2. SQL Width Scan w/Fix Option only fix the tables with errors?

    To only apply for table 61 you need to enter 61 not all for <table> It has been quite a few years since I used DBTool to adjust padding but the last time I did I recorded the screen and if any help have listed: DATABASE TOOLS MENU - 10.2B...
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    Understanding Temp-Table Records

    Because DISPLAY ONE is appearing in the REPEAT block and straight after you create the temp-table it will display the current temp-table created thus you see all the temp-table records and numbers being created from 1 to 174. For DISPLAY TWO it is not in any block and is just displaying a...
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    Question how to display browser fields dynamically

    Firstly, the row display trigger is the wrong place to hide and view browse columns so needs to be applied in a separate place. Secondly, to hide or view a browse column you use the VISIBLE attribute. This article hopefully will help:
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    WebClient NET - SSL

    Unfortunately I have never done anything that requires SSL so unable to really help. Can you use OpenEdge.Net.HTTP, and if so is the "sslVerifyHost(NO)" option a solution?:
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    WebClient NET - SSL

    I do not think this is possible in 4GL:
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    Error Error with ODBC - Date Field

    I have rarely had to access data via ODBC or SQL so do not know the cause, but wonder if the date for that particular record is being stored incorrectly. Are you able to read records using ABL code and if so and the value is an invalid date value can you correct the value? If not, does using...
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    Question Locate table errors from "dbtool" report

    As Tom points out, DBTOOL is just giving information of the problem table and fields not the actual RECIDs of records that are the cause of the error. One idea is you could adapt the code in this article to list RECIDs/ROWIDs/key index fields so you know the specific records...
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    Question Query Performance Part 2

    Applying FORWARD-ONLY before you open the query may help a little as it makes the query behave similar to a FOR EACH. QUERY cust:FORWARD-ONLY = TRUE.
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    Code-completion assistance query

    That is odd. I am also currently using 11.7 and tried a few different .p's and .w's and always works. Cannot explain this.
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    Code-completion assistance query

    As Cringer points out this works as expected and the attached images show this: PDSTest1.png - Variables defined for the whole procedure and the internal procedure are listed. PDSTest2.pmg - Only variables defined for the internal procedure are listed because they have the same names as the...
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    Question Question of combo box in a browse

    Is something like this similar to what you are looking for?: DEFINE VARIABLE cOption AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO. DEFINE TEMP-TABLE ttCustomers NO-UNDO FIELD iCustNum AS INTEGER LABEL "Cust #" FORMAT ">>9" FIELD cCustName AS CHARACTER LABEL "Cust Name" FORMAT "X(20)" FIELD cOptions AS CHAR...
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    How to get selected row in Browse

    Never used a smart browser so unfortunately do not know. It seems a similar question has been asked before but unfortunately no code example was given: Are you able to work it out from the code examples in these postings...
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    How to get selected row in Browse

    Is the browse a smart browse and if so then unfortunately I do not know as not used smart objects? For a standard browse you can access a selected row using something like this: IF Brws:NUM-ITERATIONS <> 0 THEN Brws:SELECT-FOCUSED-ROW().
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    How to get selected row in Browse

    Is the button in a completely different procedure to the browse and thus does not know anything about the browse? So you cannot do something like this to see if a row is selected in the button trigger?: message browse brws:focused-row browse brws:num-selected-rows view-as alert-box. If this...
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    Looking for books

    The "Making Good Progress" book could be this one - by John Campbell not John Sadd - although may be difficult to get now: For the version 9 book it may be part of the downloads from the OpenEdge 9 section...
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    Question Query: how to change using a trigger (GUI)

    For the trigger or limiting records you can do something like this: DEFINE VARIABLE hBrowseQuery AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE vQueryString AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO. hBrowseQuery = BROWSE BRW-Sector:QUERY. ON triggerChange DO: vQueryString = "FOR EACH tt-load". IF whatever THEN...
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    Answered Run non-existant program without error

    To a degree yes, but you cannot trap the error cleanly: DO ON STOP UNDO, LEAVE: RUN invalidprogram.p. END. MESSAGE "Program is still running." SKIP(1) "Was there an error?" ERROR-STATUS:ERROR VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX INFORMATION.
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    Question Help with Free Form Query. My query is based on a temp table, but I can't seem how to set some of the columns to where I can change the value.

    Just to be clear, you have a browse for temp table records and want to change the values of some of the columns and you have used the free form query option, is that correct? If so, then in the DISPLAY section enable the fields/columns you want to allow changes:
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    Calling function from .NET WebBrowser

    It appears you have successfully unblocked the three dll's and added to assemblies.xml which are the important parts. Unfortunately the control cannot be added to the AppBuilder toolbox, but if any help you can add to the Visual Designer toolbox and then create a .NET form, add the control to...