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  1. dmuller

    Question How to check similarity between strings?

    Hello! Is there a way in Progress 4GL to compare names in a database (perhaps phonetically)? For example, I would like the program to return to me how much of the string "Diego Muller" is similar to "Diego Mueller". I've tried using the "Compare" function without success. Diego Müller
  2. dmuller

    How to put text on image

    I need to develop a REST service that returns a kind of virtual card. I can load a background image from the card with the "load-image" command, but I don't know how to put the data in the image to return the base64 file. Is there a way to edit an image or save a screen frame as an image? Or any...
  3. dmuller

    Question How to sort json object properties?

    I have similar code to create a json.... Giving a result similar that... But, I need to sort the properties from Json to have a result like this.... How to sort json object properties?