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    Set RGB Color - Excel

    Hello, i am trying to set a color shape in Excel using RGB In this moment i am doing this. ChExcel:selection:ShapeRange:Fill:ForeColor:RGB = ChFolha:ColorFormat:RGB(254, 94, 94) no-error. I am reading this, but whiteout success...
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    Color Picker - OCX

    Hello, Anyone knows as OCX for a ColorPicker? Something like this. Thanks OE11.6.4 Windows
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    OpenEdge GUI .NET - rowpostpaint

    Hello, I am using Datagridview and try to paint a row with a color if a field is true. I have searched and find the method 'RowPostPaint' I am using a Temp-Table If I do this, I only get the number of first record.. message tt_Accoes.numero view-as alert-box. I have tried to do in...
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    OpenEdge GUI NET - "replace" for trigger

    Hello, in OE Classic, i do a lot of apply "return": U to txtNumero (txtNumero is a fill-in) It is possible to do something similar in OE GUI .NET? Thanks, Baltazar
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    OpenEdge GUI for NET

    Hello, I am starting developing in OpenEdge GUI for .NET and i am trying to do a output parameter in a dialog. oForm = dynamic-new "hlg_0001"("abc"). oForm:FormBorderStyle = System.Windows.Forms.FormBorderStyle:FixedDialog. oForm:MaximizeBox = FALSE...
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    "Simulate" Right-Mouse-Click Native | "Windows")

    Hello, I have created in browse a specific sub-menu to copy the values of browse. The problem is that in doing this, the native Mouse-right of Windows is disabled... Any solution to call native right Mouse-right-click of Windows in fill-in? Thanks, Baltazar
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    Get Dynamic-Field - Value

    Hello, I have this fields It is possible to get the screen-value of fiels in a loop? Thanks, Baltazar
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    Hello, Anyone have managed to integrate JasperReports with OpenEdge? OE11.6, Windows Thanks, Baltazar
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    "Install" dll's in another PCs - Telerik

    Hello, I am starting in OpenEdge GUI and I want to "install" the Telerik Controls (dlls, etc) in another PCs. I have tried referencing the files in "assemblies.xml" and copy the files to c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\syswow64 without success. Anyone has managed to get to work? Thanks...
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    Daatagridview - OpenEdge GUI - Sort

    Hello, I am starting in OpenEdge GUI. When using Datagridview, Sort doesn’t work. It is necessary "supplementary" code to work? Thanks, Baltazar
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    Radgrid view localization

    Hello, anyone have managed to change the language of radgridview in opendge net for gui? Thanks, Baltazar
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    Resolved Pdf Include Limitation? - Height PDF

    Hello, I am creating a custom paper type in pdfinclude. If i define the height less than 51.5 it gives a error. Anyone has this error and how to fix? Thanks, Baltazar
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    .NET - Call NotInheritable Class

    Hello, I am starting in .NET in OpenEdge. How do i call a NotInheritable Class in OE? I am trying to use Spire.Xls. This don´t work. Thanks, Baltazar
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    Regedit - Return ?

    Hello, i have this code load "SOFTWARE" base-key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE". use "SOFTWARE". get-key-value section "Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\EXCEL.exe" key default value o-Path_LeitorPDFs. unload "SOFTWARE". That dont´ work... The key is there. Can help? Thanks, Baltazar
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    Change Window Title by include

    Hello, it is possible to change the window Title by include? Do you have any sample? Thanks, Baltazar
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    Call .cls from other file

    Hello, i am trying to call a "shared" cls file from a main file. The class I am call doing this. Can help? Thanks, Baltazar
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    Open Net Window from ABL

    Hello, can anyone send the code to open a Net Window from ABL? Did not find the code.. Thanks Baltazar
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    Read Json Array

    Hello, Any have code to read a Json Array from a file and do the loop? DEFINE VARIABLE JsonParser_arr AS ObjectModelParser NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE ResultObject_arr AS JsonArray NO-UNDO. JsonParser_arr= NEW ObjectModelParser(). ResultObject_arr =...
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    Get Image Dimensions

    Hello, any way to get image width and height "native" in OpenEdge? Thanks Baltazar
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    1 - How I send a mail to a pre-defined folder after the message had been send? 2 - How can I ask a receipt of my message? 3 - How can I insert a AutoSignature? 4 - How can I ask a reply of my message? Baltazar Heliotextil SA