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  1. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Proutil dbname -C idxbuild all is not work utf-8 problem (11.6.4)

    when i was run proutil command for idxbuild , i get an error . proenv>proutil master -C idxbuild all OpenEdge Release 11.6.4 as of Mon Oct 23 11:21:54 EDT 2017 Use "-cpinternal UTF-8" with idxbuild only with a UTF-8 database. (8557) Index rebuild did not complete successfully i wrote Article...
  2. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Question parse complex json file with progress code

    i need some hep, json model parse with abl code. i read kb Article 000040659 but, i can't know how to pars more komplex structures. i need a sample 4gl code ? Here is my json file.