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  1. TomBascom

    How long has this been wrong?

    Note the spelling of "Announcements" ;)
  2. TomBascom

    ProTop news

    The latest ProTop news: ProTop Newsletter Feb 2021
  3. TomBascom

    ProTop 3.1415 has escaped!

    ProTop 3.1415 is now available for download! Progress OpenEdge Monitoring with ProTop - White Star Software Highlights include, but are not limited to: Moved a lot of functions to different hot keys. You may want to study the help screen ("?") before you report that something is missing...
  4. TomBascom


    I was under the impression that paying to be a "sponsor" resulted in no ads. Has that changed?
  5. TomBascom

    ProTop 3.1415

    ProTop 3.1415 is almost ready to escape into the wild! If you would like to test the release candidate you can easily obtain by using the (or pt3upd.bat) command like this: tom@protoptest> pt3.1415x Wed Apr 29 13:24:00 UTC 2020 Updating to pt3.1415x Wed Apr 29 13:24:00 UTC...
  6. TomBascom


    PUG@NEXT! June 14-17 in Boston! PUG Challenge Americas is excited to announce that we are partnering with Progress to bring PUG@NEXT to Progress NEXT20 June 14-17 in Boston! We will be offering dozens of break-out sessions focused on OpenEdge from a community perspective. Whether you're an...
  7. TomBascom

    PUG Challenge South Africa 2020

    As promised, we are happy to announce most of the sessions and workshops for the PUG CHALLENGE SOUTH AFRICA 2020 on 4 & 5 March 2020 at the Indaba Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre. We have also published the proposed agenda for the two days. Please review the exciting topics available over the...
  8. TomBascom

    2020 PUG In A Box - Down Under!

    2020 PUG In A Box - Down Under! March 10-11 2020, Sydney PUG Challenge Australia is an independent user conference for everyone who uses Progress products to develop or run business systems. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an experienced user, or a grizzled multi-decade veteran, you will...
  9. TomBascom

    ProTop 3.141 is in the wild!

    It took longer than I expected (that pesky day job keeps getting in the way...) but ProTop 3.141 is now available to download! Pop on over to Progress OpenEdge Monitoring with ProTop - White Star Software or your favorite dashboard and grab a fresh copy of the ProTop client. Highlights that I...
  10. TomBascom

    Progress kbase acting strange?

    Is it just me or is there something stange going on with the kbase. When I navigate to: Progress KB - Home I no longer get a search box. If I wipe out most of that URL back to: Progress KB - Home I get the search box again but the search has become utterly useless. Worse than ever :( Is...
  11. TomBascom

    PUG Challenge Americas 2018 is only 3 weeks away!

    The EMEA PUG Challenge is this week and PUG Challenge Americas is October 24-26! Don't miss out! These events are geek focused and all about OpenEdge. There is no better source of in-depth Progress knowledge than PUG Challenge. So if you are not already registered point your browser to...
  12. TomBascom

    ProTop 3.3t is on the loose!

    .. and is available for download at ProTop Release notes are in etc/NOTES_3.3t but highlights include: Fixed an undocumented feature whereby the dashboard summarization of resource and latch waits was improperly initialized on every sample. Added "as of" to the ProTop version so that multiple...
  13. TomBascom

    Public Service Announcement

    If you find yourself coding anything along these lines: x = etime. do while etime < x + something: /* nothing... */ end. or perhaps: etime( yes ). do while etime < something: /* nothing... */ end. please back away from the keyboard keeping your hands in plain sight, do NOT save your...
  14. TomBascom

    ProTop 3.3s has arrived!

    After a long gestation ProTop 3.3s has arrived! Highlights include (but are by no means limited to): Tips and Tricks on the splash screen A startup warning if you do not have -tablerangesize and -indexrangesize set adequately A new screen to show the *rangesize calculations (press "1")...
  15. TomBascom

    Putting The "challenge" In Pug Challenge!

    Attention all Progress 4gl programmers! We're throwing down the gauntlet! We have a server that plays games – specifically Othello (aka Reversi) - and it's bored and lonely. You write some ABL code that plays Othello by talking to the server using a specific API we provide. During the PUG...
  16. TomBascom

    Overflow Workshop Session Added!

    We have added a second, afternoon, session of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Introduction and Getting Started! Workshops are filling up and selling out -- reserve your place now: PUG Challenge Americas
  17. TomBascom

    Pug Challenge 2017 -- Workshops Are Available!

    The 2017 Sunday Workshops are now available! These are in-depth, hands-on workshops. Most are half-day although we do have one full-day workshop this year. You will be in a classroom setting working on your own cloud images with instructor guidance and assistance. Registration is separate...
  18. TomBascom

    Pug Challenge 2017 -- Agenda Is Live!

    We had a record number of proposals to review so it took a lot longer than we wanted to narrow the field. But the agenda for PUG Challenge 2017 is now live! PUG Challenge Americas Register now for North America's largest and most exciting OpenEdge focused face to face technical event: PUG...
  19. TomBascom

    Openedge 12

    Colleen just announced that 11.7 is the end of the line for the OE11 series. "12" is planned for 2018. This means that OE10 joins v9 in the retirement home...
  20. TomBascom

    Comment C.a. Discussion

    Perhaps I'm an overly suspicious for but I cannot help but notice that the new direction du jour is Cognitive Applications and that the new CEO is from Computer Associates. I smell a gray paint job in the future.