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    Question Progress (Schema Holder) SQL connection

    Hi, Below is one of the lines in a Client PF file for a Progress (Schema Holder) SQL connection -RO -db c:\db\data\sports2000_sh -1 -db Dev -ld sports -U xxxxxxx -P yyyyyy -1 -Dsrv skip_schema_chec from the above line, my understanding is Database connection is Read-Only & Connection is the...
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    Question Leave statement in a For each loop will release the lock

    Hi, Please clarify my doubt. In the below code When i = 3, Progress will release the lock and then leave OR, 3rd record will be in the Exclusive lock until we write the Release statement and then Leave? DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INTEGER NO-UNDO. FOR EACH Customer where customer.custnu < 5...
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    Question Lock wait timeout of 1800 seconds expired (8812)

    Hi, One of our clients is using Progress Schema Holder and maps to an MS SQL Server. Application is hanged for a long time. When we checked the asbroker log and found the below error. Can anyone help me sort out this issue? Is this raised due to the locking by SQL DB? Or shall we look into the...
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    Question COM Object Help required

    Hi, I am using the below code to add new rows and copy-paste the contents to each row. I want to delete a particular row. Please help me in finding the exact code to DELETE one row which I created in the WORD document. DO cnt = 1 TO 3: ASSIGN W-CNT = W-CNT + 1. IF W-CNT = 1 THEN...
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    Question 4GL Trace File Content Help required

    Hi, Customer reported that when they are using a RF screen some times it behaves wrongly after the user prints the label. I collected the 4GL trace from the client. After each print, it will go back to the parent screen. That is the proper behavior, however, sometimes it goes back to the main...
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    Error Could not locate method 'DeleteCat' with matching signature in class 'Lion'. (14457)

    Hi, While I am testing a Delete method inside a class I am getting the below error. After seeing this error, I recreated the WAR files, re-started tomcat, UnDepoyed and deployed the services. Still the same error appearing. Can anyone throw light on the issue?
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    Question Dynamic Extents In Temp-table Field

    Hi, I have an assignment to print a report with item names as column-labels. If a store has 10 items then these ten item id appear as column labels. It can vary. How can I define a temp table with this dynamic extent? I know in a variable we can do the dynamic extent. Same way can we do it...
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    Question Mobile App License Overview

    Hi, Can any one give a Licensing Overview of a Mobile App. We have developed a Mobile App in Sencha and Progress as backend (REST calls) . We build a Apk file and installing it in the devices. We want to make sure that number users suing the app should not exceed the number of license...
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    Question Open Query Or For Each Will Have Better Performance

    Hi Please have a look into below section of code . Can anyone tell us which one have a better performance. or both have same performance? -philip- /* With open query : */ CASE order_type: WHEN "SoNbr":U OR WHEN "AnyOrder":U THEN DO: OPEN QUERY iq_slshdr FOR EACH...
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    Error Error In Soap Request Execution: Sessionpool : Noavailablesessions

    Hi, While we are trying to run a AppServer procedure multiple times through a webService call, we are getting below error in wsa1LogFile Monitor. Error in SOAP request execution: SessionPool : NoAvailableSessions[Request failure: Max client connections has been reached (7251)] (10926) Please...
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    Question Rest Adapter Available In Oe 11.3

    Hi, REST adapter is available in OE11.3. Can any one help us to use it in OE 11.3 ? Any links or tutorials is more than enough. -Philip-
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    Question Sencha Development With Progress

    Hi If any body worked with Sencha frame work with Progress back end, kindly share any details/links/information or some architectural approach. -Philip-
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    Question Name Server And Appserver Port Should Same?

    Hi, While I was debug some issues with webservice , I found that once I changed the Name Server port as same as that of the appserver broker port (and started the appserver) then the wbeservice responses appears fine. Till that time I got any responses from the respective webservice. Is it...
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    Question How To Pass An Xml To Web Service

    Hi, I am getting an xml file from a 3rd Party software. I want that to pass that XML into a Web Service Program. How can I do that. LongChar as input we tried, however it is not accepting. Please give a solution. TIA -Philip-
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    Question Incremental Data Export Logic

    Hi , Can you please suggest a Logic/Design to Export the data to another software in an incremental manner when a scheduler Runs. Ex:- In Item Master , if 2 records got changed after the last upload then next time only those 2 records to upload . 1.This is a new integration Project 2.We are...
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    Question How To Bracket The Data In Webservice Procedure

    Hi, I have to develop webservice to bring the Sales order data. 1.Customers can fetch the data. 2.Customer Admin can fetch data 3.Sales rep can fetch data Data will be same always however when customer logins he can see only his sales order data, if customer admin logins he can view all...
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    Question Drupal Integration On Progress Applications

    Hi, If any body integrated Drupal with any Progress Application ? If so share some technical info . -Philip-
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    Question Dynamic Label For Grid - Kendo Ui

    Hi, I am trying to show some data in Kendo grid from Progress DB. Item NO Description Order Qty (Prev Month1 ) Order Qty (Prev Month2 ) Order Qty (PrevMonth3 ) ----------- ----------------- ------------------------------ -------------------------------...
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    Question Qlikview Connectivity With Progress Db

    Hi, Can you please tell some details about the connectivity with Progress DB Qlikview. 1. ODBC connection is fast ? 2. Can I export the required data to JSON /XML using web services and make use of it in qlikview ? Will JSON/XML work with qlikview (Option 2)? If yes will that better than...
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    Question Can A Content Of Pdf File Can Be Read

    Hi, Is there any way to read the content of a pdf file ? Write that to a word file. TIA -Philip-