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  1. Cecil

    Resolved WinForms - Listbox list items paired values

    The native behaviour of a MS List box is to allow single list items. I have found a solution on statckoverflow, but I unsure how to translate the C# into ABL.
  2. Cecil

    Resolved WebView2: How do I get the value of the element

    I would like to get the value of an element in a web page using WebView2 web control. I have been successful in setting an HTML element's value. I have the above code working, but I just can't figure out how to get the actual value. I have tried using the result property (which is meant to...
  3. Cecil

    Question Variable length encoding - 'C' code converted into ABL

    I need to be able to convert some C code into ABL details below. The Remaining Length is the number of bytes remaining within the current packet, including data in the variable header and the payload. The Remaining Length does not include the bytes used to encode the Remaining Length. The...
  4. Cecil

    Question I'm back.... Starting fresh with PASOE 11.7

    I'm back in the development hot seat after taking a career break from development for the last few years. I'm working a new project to convert a ABL GUI application to a web based app (privately hosted and the into the cloud) most likely refactoring the business logic. I have Linux 11.7.x OE...
  5. Cecil

    Question Bankers Rounding - .NET vs. ABL

    So I have found out today that .NET round() function as different result to ABL round() function. .NET round(1.785, 2) = 1.78 ABL round(1.785, 2) = 1.79 .NET uses Bankers Rounding which has slightly different rules to the rounding we all learnt in school. Has anyone else come across this in...
  6. Cecil

    Question What is the most efficient algorithm for reversing a character string

    Hi Guys, This might sound odd question but what is the most efficient algorithm for reversing a character string in the ABL of any string length? Backstory: I was working function and I need to reverse the order of the string value (example: a2c-4e6-g8H to become H8g-6e4-c2a) and this is not...
  7. Cecil

    ABL DatePicker

    Hi everyone, In 2002/3 I wrote a nifty little date picker and it's been lost to the sands of time. As a pet project, I thought that I would create a new one inspired by some JQUERY date pickers. This ABL version does use use a mix of .NET class objects and WIN32API function calls. I'm trying...
  8. Cecil

    What is the FASTEST Computer Language? 45 Languages Tested!

    Who is up to the challenge writing a ABL program to calculate prime numbers. Watch the video for more details PlummersSoftwareLLC/Primes
  9. Cecil

    ABL work on the side.

    Hi All, I'm James and I'm based in New Zealand (+12 UTC) and I've already have a fulltime government job, but I would like to get a little bit of extra income to support my family. I've got over 19 years experience in 4GL/ABL/OOABL, GUI/CHUI/Webspeed, Linux/Windows, DBA...
  10. Cecil

    I can't, but you can update Progress KB The issue with the progress example is that the parameter value could contain a base64 encoded string value which could be padded out to include '=' or '=='...
  11. Cecil

    Question How do I install the selenium webdriver?

    Does anybody know how to install the selenium webdriver .dll? I'm getting the following error:
  12. Cecil

    Question Enhance existing Windows ABL application to use single sign-on/LDAP

    The requirement is to update a Legacy Windows ABL application to have single sign-on. The use is able to logon the application without being prompted for a password. I would like to know how would you implement it? oe 11.7 +
  13. Cecil

    Question WebView (EdgeHTML) for Windows 10 apps using OpenEdge

    Hi Guys, With the advent of Internet Explorer going to be deprecated in the next year (possible removed from Windows 10). I was wondering if anybody has developed using the MS WebView? I want to be able to do the following: open a webpage set the position and dimensions of the web browser on...
  14. Cecil

    Why space when formatting a logical value.

  15. Cecil

    Question Extent fields and date calculation failure. Looking for the original thread.

    Hi all. Sorry in advance for not giving more information, I'm trying to do write this post from memory I remember seeing a thread either on the or last year relating to 11.7.x and extent fields not working correctly in a query statement. As I remember...
  16. Cecil

    Question Using WebSpeed as a REATful API Web Service Famework

    I'm working on a personal project using WebSpeed to emulate a RESTful Web Service and it's working quite well. It replicates the OpenEdge REST service with having a simple framework. Also, the HTTP BASIC & DIGEST authentication is also handled by the framework. My question there...
  17. Cecil

    Last day as a Progress OpenEdge 4GL/ABL developer

    Hi All, Since getting a Job as 'Juinor Analyst Programmer' on my last day of college when I was 18, (20 years ago) starting in version 6 (Oh, those Black Books ), I have always been a Progress Developer for all of my professional career. Alas, I start a new job in the New Year not as a...
  18. Cecil


    OE 11.6 OS: WINDOWS I need to output a DATETIME data type into an XML file but not to include the milliseconds. I'm currently creating an XML document and the supporting XSD where the timestamp is a CHARACTER data type and I'm outputting them in the following format mask YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS...
  19. Cecil

    Question WebSpeed Agent not showing a BATCH (_Connect._Connect-Batch)

    OpenEdge 11.7.2 64Bit OS: Windows 10 Pro. Simple query of the VST table to show a list of connections: FOR EACH _Connect NO-LOCK WHERE _Connect-Usr NE ? : DISPLAY _Connect._Connect-Id _Connect._Connect-Type _Connect._Connect-ClientType _Connect._Connect-Batch. END...
  20. Cecil

    Comment Managing Trusted CA Root Certificates in OpenEdge

    So, yesterday I had an interesting problem where I was trying to access a 3rd party web service (Amazon AWS) over HTTPS and I got the following error: No big problem, Progress Software has a KB Progress KB - OpenEdge Secure Socket connection fails with error 9318. But following the...