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ProTop from DBAppraise 10.2

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Requirements and Warnings

Taking a cue from Google, ProTop .NET is in a semi-perpetual beta.

You must have Progress OpenEdge 10.2A or better to run ProTop for DotNET. This release depends on the new OpenEdge GUI for .NET and it will not run on any earlier release.
You can, however, connect in client-server mode to Progress OpenEdge databases running any OpenEdge version 10 release or even Progress version 9! Client-server connections are, however, painfully slow on WANs and congested LANs. So don't be surprised if performance is poor in such environments.

Don't try to run ProTop on a small screen. It will be very frustrating. You need a lot of screen real-estate to monitor a db properly. If your monitor doesn't let you view most of the images on this page then you might not want to waste any time downloading ProTop.

Lastly, this is a BETA release. It may even contain bugs. Use at your own risk, etc. etc. Check back frequently for updates and let me know if you have any great ideas for enhancements!
Chris Kelleher
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