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    PROMON Record Locking Table

    I have no idea what you mean by “There are many locks waits”. Apparently that is related to something that you are seeing somewhere in PROMON? I suggest that you share a screen capture of whatever it is that you are looking at. Regarding exporting reports: neither PROMON nor PROENV have any...
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    log4j Vulnerability

    I have not seen any clear communication from Progress specifically regarding 11.7.12 so I would assume that it is vulnerable and follow the suggested mitigations.
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    Answered Browse Open Query on temp table or bare table?

    I think that you are over-thinking it, The temp table does not need to be a full copy of the source table. It can just as easily have the same filters applied when you populate it as you are mentioning for the db table and, thus, should take no longer to build and access. If the user selects...
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    Answered Browse Open Query on temp table or bare table?

    I see no overwhelmingly bad universal issue with NO-LOCK queries drawing data directly from the db in this way. I would be a bit concerned about how often it refreshes and what the impact of that query is. But if the number of record reads is small and the refresh rate is "occasional" then it...
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    TRIGGER PROCEDURE FOR FIND Hide same records

    Good luck finding the bugs in this application :rolleyes:
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    Can Replication Trigger update field when Write Trigger unavailable ?

    As for your original question... The documentation does not appear to forbid it. OTOH it was hard to find any documentation at all regarding replication write triggers ;) A quick test ought to pretty easily show if it is possible.
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    Can Replication Trigger update field when Write Trigger unavailable ?

    Change data capture Sorry to hear that
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    If the "why?" is "error handling" I completely agree. Unless the option to stop putting errors in your code is viable ;) But if the "why" is something else then structured error handling may not help. My money is on the "why" turning out to be "I don’t have the code for UI.P".
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    I don't think that there is any event specific to what you are describing. You might be able to find something (or a combination of 12 different things) deep in the bowels of Microsoft's APIs but I would be very surprised if the 4gl has anything that is going to satisfy this request. Perhaps...
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    Protop SQL activity - Rec Lck

    You are correct. When a 4gl client executes a NO-LOCK query there are no record locks. SQL-92 is different and if you don't provide the locking hints and set the isolation level appropriately you will get record locks. You will also often see that SQL clients have an active transaction.
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    Database _User not connected! - message shown while loading _user.d using prodict\load_d.p

    You may have other problems but: RUN prodict/load_d.p("_User.d", cDir). The 1st argument to load_d.p is the table name and the 2nd argument should be a file name, not a directory name.
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    log4j Vulnerability

    Small update... 11.7.11 (the "latest and greatest" 11.7 at this writing) updated log4j to a vulnerable release. So if you are running 11.7.11 and you use the classic REST adapter or the import-export utility or the command center you are exposed and should follow the mitigation instructions. I...
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    openedge 12.2 installed and it can be opened

    Good work! It's great to be on a current release.
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    Question Copy replication trigger assignments.

    Having seen the emailed version of the deleted post a couple things spring to mind that might be things to check: 1) are the connections shared memory or client/server? 2) where are the triggers in PROPATH? long propaths with the runnable code at the end can be trouble 3) where is the code...
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    How to convert Json Memptr to JsonObject

    I agree. That's an awfully large JSON object. Are you sure that you aren't misreading an error message?