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Webspeed - How To Execute A Sql Stored Procedure Inside A Cgi-wrapper

Discussion in 'WebSpeed' started by maretix, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. maretix

    maretix Member

    Good morning to all of you.

    I use OpenEdge 10.2b version.
    I use also WebSpeed same version.
    WebSpeed is installed in a Windows Server ...

    I ' d would know if it is possible to execute a stored procedure called SP_XYZ that resides in a SQL 2014 Bi Edition Database , in an another Windows Server ...

    I'd like not to buy DATA SERVER product , my company gives no budget to purchase DATASERVER Product.

    I read articles about it, if i understood well, i need a DSN file to connect to SQL SERVER Db ...
    I understood also i need ADO library on SQL Server 's Server...
    (I think ADO libray is just installed on server).

    Do you have anu suggestions ????
    Do you have any samples ????????

    Thank you very much.
    Regards in advance.

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