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Question Status Default In Windows Vs Tty

Discussion in 'Development' started by NeilM, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. NeilM

    NeilM New Member

    Good morning,

    I have a problem on a 8.3 installation, where I wish to use the STATUS DEFAULT line, of the Windows session.

    So for instance:-

    STATUS DEFAULT "F1:Continue".

    The F1: Continue does not appear. If I do a:-

    UPDATE var HELP "Help text"

    Then the help message appears.

    1. Does the STATUS DEFAULT and HELP use the same section of the screen.

    2. If yes, any thoughts on what basic mistake I have made.

    I did wonder if it was related to STATUS-AREA?

    Thank you.
  3. TheMadDBA

    TheMadDBA Active Member

    No offense... but the first basic mistake was trying to use V8.3. It was released in 2001 and is very much a dead product, several more full releases have come and gone since then. V11.7 is the newest version with V12 around the corner.

    It is a miracle that it even works on any version of Windows released in the last 16 years.
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  4. Cecil

    Cecil 17+ years progress programming and still learning.

    1998 8.2C
    1998 8.3A bistall/bithold, more VST
    1999 8.3B rereadnolock
    1998 9.0A ADM2, PUB/SUB, AppBuilder, dynamic queries, superprocedures, stateless mode, OpenClient for Java, type I storage areas
    1999 9.0B
    1999 9.1A Integrated ABL & Webspeed, dynamic TT, Dynamics, 1st large file support, Async Appserver, DOM XML parsing, memory mapped procedure library, dynamic browser, BLOBs, socket handling
    2000 8.3C
    2000 9.1B SQL92, Webclient, JMS API, AIA adapter
    2001 8.3D
  5. TomBascom

    TomBascom Curmudgeon

    I'm kind of bummed -- TheMadDBA beat me to the punch :( But just for the record: v8 is ancient, obsolete, unsupported and you are irresponsibly negligent if you allow your company to continue running it.

    8.2 was a great release... 20 years ago. It was everything that v7 should have been. But that's water over the dam/under the bridge etc.
  6. Cringer

    Cringer ProgressTalk.com Moderator Staff Member

    What is the ratio of dark beer to 8.2 acceptance, Tom? EMEA PUG Challenge
  7. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Rob Fitzpatrick ProgressTalk.com Sponsor

    Alcohol poisoning. ;)
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  8. Marco Mendoza

    Marco Mendoza Member

    STATUS INPUT "F1:Continue".
  9. NeilM

    NeilM New Member

    So for those going off the deep end about V8.3, absolutely agree, it is very old and very frustrating to use. However at the moment, it is the what I have to deal with, for the time being.

    What you don't do on a newish job is jump in and say this is crap and you need to upgrade straightaway else I am going to throw my teddies out of the pram. There are many things beside just the Openedge version that needs dealing with, and each needs to be brought up to date, in a manner that doesn't break other things.

    Fingers crossed I can migrate to 11+ early next year, as I have said in other forum posts, 8.3V it is difficult to work with, and work out what will work or not work that far back. Jesus even using Dynatext, is enough to make me weep, yes for those of you old enough to remember what that was.

    Anyway, enough about that sob story.

    What I have noticed is that running the program through the softwares menu system, is making the STATUS DEFAULT work in a manner that I would expect, so there is a command in the windows environment, that is being used to enable he status default, unsure what it is, so any commands I could search for that are enabling the STATUS DEFAULT.

    So at the moment I have a solution, but I would actually like to work out what is the command that is achieving it.
  10. NeilM

    NeilM New Member

    Ok, that was interesting. Thank you Marco.

    The first time I tried that, it didn't work, I still got the "Enter data or press ESC to end". However I press F2 again, and it appears.

    It is like it needs to be run twice to display the message. Very strange.

    So from the tram-lines, STATUS DEFAULT doesn't work.

    From the tram-lines, the STAUTS INPUT "F1:Continue", registers the second time it runs.

    From the menu system, that program I have modified is called from, the STATUS DEFAULT "F1:Continue" works.

    Methinks I am missing a subtle effect of running on Windows :)
  11. Osborne

    Osborne Active Member

    If on the relevant window widget you set the STATUS-AREA to true, does doing something like this work?:
    Code (progress):
    1. STATUS DEFAULT "F1:Continue" IN WINDOW hWindow.
  12. NeilM

    NeilM New Member

    Hello Osbourne,

    I basically tried a little bit of code, using a browse and STATUS INPUT and that would reflect the STATUS INPUT message, as soon as it was changed. STATUS DEFAULT just wouldn't work. So it must be a change related to running Openedge ABL in window. So I just have to STATUS DEFAULT to INPUT, and just live with it.
    Code (progress):
    4. DEF QUERY qryTest FOR product SCROLLING.
    6. DEF BROWSE brwTest QUERY qryTest NO-LOCK
    7.     DISPLAY product.kpartno
    8.             product.prd-currden
    9.             WITH 5 DOWN NO-BOX OVERLAY.
    11. OPEN QUERY qryTest
    12.     FOR EACH product  NO-LOCK.
    14. ENABLE brwTest WITH FRAME fView.        
    Fundamentally it is a character system running in a windows in environment.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 25, 2017
  13. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Rob Fitzpatrick ProgressTalk.com Sponsor

    It is helpful to others if you enclose your code in CODE tags, or use the Insert button on the toolbar and select "Code". Example:
    [ code ]
    /* your code goes here */
    [ /code ]
    I have shown the tags above with spaces so they aren't interpreted. You would use them without spaces.

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