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Question Profiling an AppServer

Rob Fitzpatrick

ProgressTalk.com Sponsor
Windows Server 2012
OE 11.6.3 32-bit

I have an appserver that publishes a web service. I'm connected to the WSA with SoapUI to fire through a message. I'm trying to profile the code running in the appserver but I'm not getting any output. I feel like I'm missing something obvious; I'd appreciate a hand.

The AS runs on a Windows box. I'm doing configuration/start/stop via OEE. To enable profiling I've edited <asname> | Agent | General | Server startup parameters and added "-profile c:\temp\profiling\profile.cfg" to the list of parameters. Profile.cfg contains:
-FILENAME     c:\temp\profiling\profile_test.prof
-DESCRIPTION  "This is the description of my profiling test."
-LISTINGS     c:\temp\profiling\
I've looked at a bunch of different sources of info on profiling, of various vintages, and they don't all agree on the list of keyword names. In particular, it seems the file name param might be "-FILENAME" or "-OUTFILE"; I assume both work? (And of course some of the keywords are different from the corresponding profiler attributes...) I used basically the same config file on a CHUI client on Linux and it did give me profiling data.

I start the agent, run the program, and stop the agent. I don't get a .prof file or any debug listings. I don't see any errors in the server.log that would indicate a misspelled parameter or keyword name.

Is there some special incantation I need for appserver? Should I use the profiler system handle instead, and start in the Activate procedure and stop/flush data in the Shutdown procedure?