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Question Outer Join To Derived Table

Discussion in 'SQL-92' started by Steve D, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Steve D

    Steve D New Member

    I have a question that seems straightforward in MSSQL Sever, but I can't figure it out in Progress SQL.
    I'm trying to do an outer join to a derived table / sub query. e.g.

    select tabA.Col1, tabDerived.Col1
    From tabA
    Left Outer Join
    (select tabB.Col1, tabB.Col3 From tabB where tabB.Col2 ='abc') as tabDerived
    On tabA.Col3 = tabDerived.Col3

    I've been trying for AGES!
    I actually need to do a derived table to sum up a group of rows in a table, and then outer join to it.
    Can anyone help me with the syntax?

  3. AFAIK, you need temp-tables to achieve this in progress.
  4. Steve D

    Steve D New Member

    @catch.saravana Thank you for the information. I'm glad it wasn't simple!

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