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Question How To Deal With Real Time System?

Discussion in 'Development' started by Carlo H. Francisco, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Hello good guys,

    Is it using a timer is the only way to deal with real time system?

    Example is:
    When I am on my unit and another user add a data on a different unit, It will appear immediately on my screen that there is a new record added.

    Any reply would be so much appreciated.
  3. ForEachInvoiceDelete

    ForEachInvoiceDelete Active Member

    Depends on your system and architecture.

    For example:-

    With a web front end, on update of the database you could call a node.js server that will emit refreshed data to your clients via web sockets.
  4. Okay, but I'm not using a web front end, and its just an in house application.

    But, does using a timer will be okay?
  5. Cecil

    Cecil 17+ years progress programming and still learning.

    I have started to write an HTTP WebSocker ABL client library which will publish and subscribe to a node.js. The project was never completed as I started to look at using MQTT as a lightweight messaging service. The reason was so I could publish real-time information to an Arduino device with an LCD display

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