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Help: SQL_MAX_QUALIFIER_LEN too small?

Discussion in 'SQL-92' started by yong, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. yong

    yong New Member

    Hi, All,

    I have set up a linked server from my SQL 2000 to Progress. However, when I tried

    select * from ProgressServerName.ABCDEF.SchemaName.TableName

    (ABCDEF is a 6 character catalog name)

    I received this message:

    Server: Msg 7399, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    OLE DB provider 'MSDASQL' reported an error.
    [OLE/DB provider returned message: Unspecified error]
    [OLE/DB provider returned message: [MERANT][ODBC PROGRESS driver]The qualifier 'ABCDEF' was larger than SQL_MAX_QUALIFIER_LEN from SQLGetInfo (0).]

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  3. tomeng01

    tomeng01 New Member

    I know this is a very old thread, but I am having the same error returned.

    I'm using SQL Server 2005 and connecting to Progress 10.1A.

    Any help at all?

  4. tomeng01

    tomeng01 New Member

    Just found the answer and decided to provide for future reference.

    If you were using:



    Progress does not support Catalog Name. See PSDN ID: P105730

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