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Database Admin

Discussion in 'Database Admin' started by Carlo H. Francisco, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Hello Good Guys,

    How to know the admin user for this particular database. Looking for the user/password of this account.

    Any reply would be so much appreciated.
  3. cj_brandt

    cj_brandt Member

    if you had the entire db log, it would show the user that initially created the db. That is probably the admin user you are looking for.

    is this database on windows or unix ? What OE version is the database ?

    what are you trying to accomplish after you obtain this admin user? grant SQL permission, startup / shutdown ?
  4. The version is 10.2b and it is on windows not unix...

    Yes more about on permissions.
  5. cj_brandt

    cj_brandt Member

    If you log on to the server using the account that created the db, then that account is the default admin and you can grant SQL permissions. Another option is to create the sys user for the db.
    There are articles in the Progress KB that explain how to do this. Just search for how to grant SQL permission.
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