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Question Adm Class

Discussion in 'Development' started by Carlo H. Francisco, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. How to use, and what is the use of creating new ADM CLASS? Please give examples.

    Any reply would be so much appreciated.
  3. RealHeavyDude

    RealHeavyDude Well-Known Member

    What I did in the past - 15 years ago for customers of Progress when I was still a consultant:
    • Create a completely new ADM class - SmartTreeview class
    • Sub class the following classes
      • SmartDataViewer: Different Background color for mandatory fields ( defined mandatory in the schema )
      • SmartDataObject: Automatically add filter on mandator for tables that include the mandator_id field
    These are just some examples.

    Heavy Regards, RealHeavyDude.

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