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    RE: Come hear Progress executives Rick Reidy, Alan Young and Ken Wilner, in person!

    sorry to open a new thread ... but I cannot add images to annoncemnts ... PSC market :) 21/share when I buy 26/share in 2004
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    gus bjorklund - (no)body at Progress Software

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    sample Currency Web-Service invoke

    /* client_Currency.p */ DEFINE VARIABLE hWebService AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hCurrencyServerWebServiceSoap AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. CREATE SERVER hWebService. hWebService:CONNECT("-WSDL 'http://www.currencyserver.de/webservice/currencyserverwebservice.asmx?WSDL'"). RUN...
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    OE CHUI on Browser

    Good news, the Anyterm apache module works very well with an Progress character application (TERM=linux), all functions key works. see print screens :)
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    How to destroy your community

    1: Is to make the project depend as much as possible on difficult tools. 2: Encourage the presence of poisonous people and maximize the damage that they can create. 3: Provide no documentation. 4: Project decisions should be made in closed-door meetings. 5: Employ large amounts of legalese. 6...
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    Public dictionary Web-Service Call (sample)

    /* client_dictionary.p */ DEFINE VARIABLE hWebService AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hDictServiceSoap AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. CREATE SERVER hWebService. hWebService:CONNECT("-WSDL 'http://services.aonaware.com/DictService/DictService.asmx?WSDL'"). RUN DictServiceSoap SET hDictServiceSoap ON...
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    DELETE the PSDN link ...

    PSDN site looks "bizzare", (Manu Chao) says: 1) clandestino ilegal ... OK 2) marijuana ilegal ... OK I say: PSDN ilegal ... ;p
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    exposing web-services in OE - linux scripts

    to deploy a new web-service in OE is not very easy task. Here you can find some bash scripts which automate the deploy process. (you have to modify these scripts on your environement) To deply a new service, just you have to put you new 4GL procedure in WSA\4GL directory, open the...
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    Long time processing procedure

    When we have to execute a very long time processing 4GL procedure over the WebSpeed broker, we can be blocked by the Apache time-out. A solution is to start a very simple 4GL Server-Socket and run the procedure in the "readHandler" (pro -p PushWebServer.p). The webspeed url can be redirected...
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    some v.10.x client Web-Services examples

    OE v.10.x: here, some web-services calls .... may be helps!
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    T-Mobile CellPhone and OpenEdge communication

    Here is a mini HowTo create a simple application for T-Mobile CellPhone accessing a OpenEdge Application. 1) First I expose a 4GL application getCustomerName (INPUT CustomerCustNum, OUTPUT customerName) as Web-Service. 2) I install Eclipse Platform (Version: 3.4.2) 3) I download and...
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    Sample WebSpeed cgi-wrapper & OpenRICO

    Download: http://communities.progress.com/pcom/servlet/JiveServlet/download/101856-1-71239/site.zip This is a sample web-site using webspeed (cgi-wapper method) in combination with OpenRico which is a JavaScript library for rich internet applications. In this example you can see a lot of...
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    simple database replication

    "smq2pro" is a simple (23Ko) bi-directional read/write replication-engine for OpenEdge database using JMS messages and SonicMQ Broker. It works over the low internet connections, is a pure 4GL ... but you'll need to have the last versions of OE and SonicMQ ... and there are some limitations...
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    The most optimistic claim

    <pre> The most optimistic claim I head came from Jose Daniel Ponz of Spain. After reading your document on estimates of Linux users, I think there is a piece of information missing: if you do a very simple exercice by searching documents in Altavista (google) using different keywords, you will...
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    Ganimede is ideally for a personal site, small business applications or application testing; you can write the application using Ganimede - which is free - test it and then you may switch to WebSpeed without any problem (the same API are used in order to be WebSpeed compliant). The goal of...